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What is required for you to file a simple divorce.

This is an abbreviated list of items that you may need to consider before filing for divorce.


You must be a resident of Virginia for at least six months.

Cooperation of you Spouse

Your spouse will need to cooperate with you to get a few things done. Most importantly, your spouse and you must agree to terms that winds up the marriage and enter into a separation agreement.

Separation Agreement

A separation agreement contains all the terms to resolve all the issues of your marriage. This may include, custody, support, division of property, life insurance and more.

Time before you file with the Court

If you have children, it will take a full year of separation before you can file. If you have a separation agreement, a divorce complaint can be filed in six months.

Do you need an attorney?

More than likely. We have seen do-it-yourself divorce for as low as $139.00. The problem is that divorce has a lot of details and if you do it yourself it may cost you significantly down the road. It is better to talk to us. We are experience at helping with divorce and will protect your rights and interest throughout the process. Doing it yourself may be causing you harm and you may not know it until it is too late.

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