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Our Mission

Day Law Group seeks to provide quality legal services to clients within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

For over forty years, founder Sherwood Day has been practicing law with dignity and excellence. The attorneys and staff at Day Law Group strive to deliver the best legal services for each one of their clients.

Guiding Principles


People are our priority. We believe every individual, client, or coworker is worthy of our time and respect.


We are collaborators. We don’t work for, rather with one other to achieve common goals.


We strive for new and creative ways to meet the needs of our clients


Open and sincere communication is incompatible with “territorial rights” or defensive behavior. We take ownership of our mistakes.


We love to teach. At Day Law Group we share with our clients and staff what we have learned over the years.


We correspond with our co-workers, subordinates, superiors, and clients well.


We lead by example: providing the best possible services and products, going beyond what is required.

Divine Intervention

Day Law Group is not a religious organization nor does it promote itself as such.


Generosity is our response to the undeserving blessing and favor we have been given.

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