Family Law

Family Law covers both the good and bad of family life. Whether the blessed event of adoption or the somberness of divorce, Day Law is there to support you and your loved ones. Our attorneys protect your interest and work to ensure that what ever your family law need is, it will be done well and professionally.

No more legal worries.

Problems happen. We can help.

Divorce & Pre-Separation

Separation and Divorce is one of the most difficult ordeal we can go through. We will help you through the process and will protect your interest. Whether a simple divorce or a complex one, don't do it without a personal attorney.

Adoption & Guardianship

Protecting and caring children is something we believe strongly in, Adoption of a child is the best a person can do for a child we love. We can help with adoption and other ways to protect a child's needs and interest.

Custody & Support

Spousal and Child Support are difficult issues. Don't go it alone. We can help to protect your or your children's needs and interest.

Estate Planning

Estate planning for may people can be uncomfortable. But it is the only effective way to make sure your possessions are given to the people you choose. It also helps to make the process much easier for loved ones at a difficult time.

Pre-Marriage Planning

Are you getting married? Have your circumstances changed that requires you and your spouse to review your current situation? Are you co-habituating with someone? We can review your situation and suggest ways to protect you for any inevitabilities.

Buying a House!

For most families, purchasing a home is the most important event they will do.  We can help.

Pre-Marital Planning

Getting Married. See us. We can help you and your fiancée to make sure you are starting out on the right footing.

Marriage Tune-Up

You are married, maybe have children, and life has changed for both you and your spouse. We can help you to ensure that you and your family's future is bright.

Simple Divorce

You and your spouse have agreed to divorce. A "simple divorce" offers you can be do with little fuss with a process that is economical, and efficient way.

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