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Family Law. Criminal Defense. Bankruptcy. Estate Planning. Residential Real Estate. Services that help you and your family.

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Family Law

Family Law is the starting point for your personal and family legal needs. We can help when problems happen. We can also help to plan and prevent problems before they occur.

Divorce / Separation

Divorce and separation is difficult. We can help you through this rough process and help you get on with your life.

Custody & Support

We can help protect you and your children's interests and future. We can help with child custody and scheduling issues. We also can help with Marital and Child Support.


An amazing event. Giving a child a loving family and parents. We can help navigate the complicated process.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is for the inevitable for all of us. We can help by working with you to make it as simple as possible.

Criminal Defense DUI / Traffic

It happens. We will be there, protecting your rights and fighting for you.

Real Estate

Buying or Selling your personal home or investment property. We are your real estate attorneys.

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We are Litigators-first and foremost. Whether it is by court or settlement, we help protect your interest and get the justice you deserve.

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