Business Litigation

How We Can Help

What most business people want is certainty. When you are sued or have to sue to get money owed to your business, or to protect your business, it creates uncertainty. Although the outcome of any litigation is far from certain, Day Law Group can help to give your business the best possible outcome. Day Law Group is made up of attorneys that understand business and will fight to protect your business’s rights.


Cover your business before a problem arises. Call to set an appointment.

Real Estate Issues

Landlord- Tenant, Violation of Easements , Partition of Property


We can help when you are not getting paid.


We are in your corner, fighting for you. We help protect your interest and rights, when you and your business are threatened.

Creditor's Bankruptcy

We protect business that have vendors, customers, and others who file bankruptcy. Let us help protect your rights and interest against a debtor.

No more legal worries.

Current Issues in

There are many areas affecting businesses today. Listed below are some, but not all, of the major concerns affecting Virginia businesses currently. If you have an issue please call us. We can help.


Fraud is a messy issue when it happens and we can help you when it does. Please call us when you suspect or know fraud has occurred.


Is someone smearing your or your business's name and reputation? This may be defamation.

Breach of Business Duties

If you have a customer, vendor or another who has failed to do something they were required to do. Call us for a consultation.


Has someone taken something that belongs to you or your company and used it for their benefit, without your permission? We can help.

Contractual Issues

We review contracts to avoid issues in the future. We also help when the other party breaches a contract or doesn't live up to its part of the bargain.

Derivative Actions

You are a owner, shareholder, member, or partner in a company, and the company is not doing what it is required to do. We can help and protect your interest.

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